Core banking solution



An application that covers all the basic needs of banking sector.

Enables rapid development of new banking products and saves time with adaptation.

Development of new functionalities is fully customized to meet our client's needs and desires.






jOMEGA is a user-friendly, modern technology designed information system. Systems functionality carries out business transaction operations in the banking sector.

It is built with the aim to automate and faciliate the daily operations of financial institutions and offer means to improve business organization and employee efficiency while satisfying legal requirements of central banks.



  • focused on the business logic with a great share of expertise in the banking sector
  • solid integration with other IT systems
  • assured security and compatible with regulations
  • parametrically formatted customer statements within client administration
  • system modularity












Solution includes complete services, from analysis to development, implementation, user training and systems maintenance. We provides reliable and quality 24/7 available Service Desk.

If you're still not convinced, solution is built on the basis of our employees  ‘20+ years’ experience of working on banking related projects coupled with an excellent understanding of user needs and of the entire field of IT development.

Solution integrates into a client’s existing information structure either fully or by individual sets

In terms of providing reports jOMEGA is strongly connected to Cubiss and its individual modules which ensure reporting for the needs of CRM parallel systems, controlling, internal reporting, ECB reporting, risk management, etc.





jOmega is built on well - known and well - established technology  JAVA EE.  Java EE is a standard, robust, scalable and secure platform which forms the basis of modern applications. Java EE offers a wide range of specifications for the construction of multi-layer applications.

The solution is designed in Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) which implements MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern model and delivers integrated solutions that cover all layers of architecture.

jOmega is a web application built from components provided by Oracle ADF framework. Mainly it is based on the use of technologies such as:

• ADF BC - ADF Bussiness componenets (Model)

• ADF Controller in bindings (Controller)

• ADF Faces (View)



In cooperation with partner IBM, we offer you insight view into application with IBM PureSystems.

PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. They are integrated by design and come with built in expertise gained from decades of experience to deliver a simplified IT experience.


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