Reliable and advanced core solutions for banking and financial institutions

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Banking and financial core solutions

Financial and banking core solutions are designed to support transaction operations of financial institutions and to support the whole business process with legal entities and individuals.

Distinguished by modular design solutions are able to use individual parts to fully cover almost all areas of financial management. Applied enable management of individual credit and debit banking products, factoring business operations and meet the need for internal reporting and reporting to statutory regulatory institutions. They are specifically designed to modern business and enable business continuity in the 24/7 mode.

Banking solutions

Banking solutions are designed with the aim to provide application support in transaction operations of financial institutions, especially commercial banks and saving banks.

The solutions support the process of operations with legal entities and individuals.

Factoring Solutions

The perfect solution covers a wide range of international factoring concepts. It provides efficient data capture, business support of all factoring types, monitoring of business processes, effective management of debtors and risks.