Ef3premium – standard software solution for managing factoring bussines


Basic solution's characteristics

The system technology ef3premium is an excellent factoring solution. Application offers efficient and secure data processing and is well-suited for international factoring concepts. The performance of ef3premium is a significant basis for customer factoring business. Tailor-made functionalities and a versatile set of modules guarantee the best possible transparency. Risk analysis and profit and loss accounts benefit by these functionalities, as well as debtor management. ef3premium will help the extension of customer relations.

Based on an Oracle database, ef3premium has all the advantages of a high-quality system technology customer business: dependable functionality, secure and efficient system architecture with maximum performance. Efcom provides you with the tools for flexible and stable process handling in factoring. ef3premium is a standard software for factoring with all advantages of a tailor-made application – highly adaptable at many levels.  Continuous updates ensure that the application is up-to-date concerning law regulations, working seamlessly with clients business. Additional modules and interfaces expand the software's functionality according to the client's needs.

Solution benefits

The most effective factoring solution in the European market.

A recognized solution for many types of international factoring business.

User-friendly solution for everyday use.

Effective risk management.

Rapid response to the needs of the market.

Adaptable process management.


Traceability of transactions and data archiving.

Several levels of security and authentication.


Support for different types of factoring business


Full factoring
Domestic factoring
Export-import factoring
Reverse factoring and financing of the supply chain
Agency factoring
Factoring with recourse and without recourse
Factoring payable at maturity of the claim
Revolving factoring