Data warehouse Oracle DWH

With their structures and processes the data warehouses are modified to support business analysts and have formed a complex demand conducted by business intelligence systems.

In a data warehouse the data from transaction systems and other external sources is collected. Thus, when the data is separated from the source systems, the processing does not burden these schemes and does not jeopardize their stability, as well as, before recording, the data is refined and consolidated. This enables business users a comprehensive overview of operations on the basis of quality data and with that the users can make high-quality decisions.

Features of Oracle data warehouse

A unified data model, making it easier to view the entire image of the company.

Centralized and aggregated data in one place.

Consolidated database to carry out technical and content verification.

It contains history data in source systems.

Designed for processing large amounts of data.

Relieves transactional systems and enables faster performance review of the data.

Gora participates in all stages of building a data warehouse:

  • Analysis and acquisition of data from various data sources, such as various analytical applications or other database sets. We support the transfer of data from heterogeneous sources such as relational databases from different producers (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft) or files (Flat files, XLS, XML, etc. Data transfer is carried out on a daily basis with the shortest possible time burden on source systems. Data transfer is carried out at the lowest level of detail (the possibility of a detailed analysis of business
  • Designing and installing ETL system for the acquisition, integration, treatment and control of data
  • Architectural design, design and manufacture of models, which are filled with the help of ETL processes. When filling dimensional models of predefined data fields the additional bulking, de-normalizing and processing is carried out. The dimensional optimization models are prepared, the materialized insights and tools caching options are designed.

The real value of the aggregated data in a data warehouse is gained by upgrading to a reporting or analytical part of solution CUBISS or Oracle BI solution. The data warehouse is the basis for further planning, forecasting or reporting within a single undertaking or statutory reporting.