Comprehensive solutions for treatment of clients in car dealerships

The solution developed in collaboration with car dealers, provides support in the business of importers and distributors of motor vehicles and spare parts.
Because of the effective merging of client's data, vehicles, products, services and analytical data on the financial performance of the company or business partners the solutions offers a comprehensive 360° view of the client. It allows monitoring, communication and interaction with clients. It represents an excellent base for discovering opportunities for existing and new clients.

Product benefits

Reduction of manual labor and data collection automation

Recording and controlling data changes

Develop a comprehensive customer profile

Develop a comprehensive and integral examination of the partners operations

Reduction of the time needed for the preparation of reports

Monitoring and preparing reports on a monthly basis

Data distribution to users across the entire company in real time

Ad-hoc analysis carried out independently by business users

Simplicity and ease of use, without advanced IT skills


Increase efficiency and responsiveness to changes in the business


The components of the concept 360° view on the client

Data warehouse – Intended for processing large amounts of data. Data is available in a purified, enriched and consolidated form with guaranteed automatic control over the quality of the data. All data is centralized and provides a historical insight.

BI reports and analysis - Possibility of preliminary designed reports and analysis on dashboards and personalization of the user's substantive requirements. Enabled analysis to lower levels enables users with one click, quick and easy path from the overall figure to its elemental parts.

Module MDM – web interface that is based on the data of the central data warehouse or individual data marts. It has defined rules for automatic merge of data and the transformation to a common denominator. Program logic is implemented in PL \ SQL language on Oracle database, application is written in Oracle Application Express.

CRM – Analytical and operational support designed for decision making

With analytical CRM we gain insights into the consolidated customer data (master data, vehicle, financial operations), its profitability, detection of cross-sell potential, monitoring of performance indicators and other key areas in the company.

With operational CRM we record communication and interaction with customers in a simple and transparent way. Application in connection with the calendar offers the possibility to inform customers about upcoming events and employees tasks, campaign management and other daily interaction with the customers.


  • Allows monitoring of the entire business with the customer and segmentation
  • Creates a basis for determining customer profitability
  • Provides on time information for customers activities (repair services, reviews, vehicle inspections, equipment change) )
  • Overview of the best-selling and top N articles/services/partners
  • Allows you to monitor the performance of employees
  • Provides an analysis of sales by articles over time (tires, rims, vehicles)
  • Data visualization and automatic alerting upon detected deviations
  • Registering and monitoring customer interaction (call, trade fairs, repair services, purchase, ...)