Business Intelligence Oracle BI

Past experience shows that companies, despite continued investment in business intelligence systems, still often do not have the right information for fast and effective decision-making. The tools are either too difficult to use or manage, and performance does not follow the increased number.

Oracle BI tool is designed to follow the new trend of user requirements by understandable and integrated set of analytical tools. With Oracle BI tools we combine data from different sources into a single organizational data model, which allows the analysis of the situation and review of the company operations. The solution provides the preparation of in-depth analyses of business to allow us to respond to all questions of management and that is the only way the company can timely adjust its business strategy and its future path.


Simplification and standardization of the reporting on a single platform

Centralization of data and metrics for the overall presentation of the company

Access to data from anywhere, anytime, including mobile devices


The possibility of connecting to various sources of data and preparation for detailed analyses


Oracle BI tools features


Data visualization

  • Transparent display of data for a quick overview and easier decision-making
  • The increase in productivity, real data in the right place
  • "Drag & drop" functionality
  • Personalization of reports and report settings

Mobility in control

  • The possibility of creating an interactive mobile application for reporting
  • Overview of remote data
  • Device adaptation of the application

Self service

  • Using the reporting system is possible with the basic training of employees
  • The possibility of using your own sources of information and preparation of detailed reports
  • Combining data from different business units/branches and a detailed overview