The organization of sports games of Slovenian bankers ŠIBS 2019 is supported by the new platform IGRIS

The sports games of the slovenian bankers 2019 were of special importance to the company Gora, because we successfully presented ourselves with the new platform for the organization and management of sports competitions IGRIS. The platform supports the work of organizers of the event, which begins already before the sports competitions are conducted, ie. by calling competition disciplines, competition systems, scoring rules, then by entering teams and competitors, by drawing lots, all the way to the organization of accommodation, registration of the participants and the performance itself.
This year, there have been 11 men's and women's competition disciplines. The results were carried out via mobile phones at the venues of the matches, which contributed to the results being published more quickly and on-line available to the participants. According to Željka Miklavčič, the head of the IT support at sports games, the new platform among the team leaders and the participants was well received, and the performance of the recording of results and the calculation of the overall ranking was completely fluent and without any technical and content issues.