Gora has introduced in cooperation with Oracle and Tech Data Slovenia innovative digital assistant services based on Oracle Digital Assistant chat technology

On 22.10.2019, the companies Gora, Oracle and Tech Data presented innovative approaches and good practice of using modern cloud information technologies in creation of intelligent digital assistants.


Using Oracle Digital Assistant technologies for chat bots, Gora’s experts introduced a digital assistant prototype that enables various service providers to complement customer sales and support call centers and upgrade digital communications through websites, social networks and email when ordering services.


Gora's digital assistant prototype enables customers to select and order business services through a customer's web site or popular messaging platform, e.g. Facebook Messenger. At the same time, the digital assistant directs the customer to the structured communication and connects with various applications that the company already has - for example, for ordering, providing information about the offer.


The prototype can be applied in many areas and in many ways simplify and improve the work of companies with their customers. Receiving and scheduling appointments with the help of a digital assistant is thus carried out 24 hours a day, all days of the year, whereby the customer can communicate with the company via various devices, at a time when he or she takes the time. This solution is suitable for both individual companies and digital platforms through which many providers are introducing their services or products to the market.