IT support for sport events


For successful implementation of multi-discipline sport competitions it is required to have a good preliminary organization of competition program, coordinate participants, accurately measure results, ensure the credibility of the data, quickly calculate and display the final ranking and winners.

With this in mind we developed application IGRIS that combines all the necessary activities in a user-friendly web platform hosted in the MS Azure cloud.





IGRIS provides organizers with complete support in organizing and managing the event - from the basic competition settings, entry of disciplines, on-line registration of participants, teams and their members, formation of competition systems and scoring, drawing, formation of competitive pairs in competition disciplines, layout of individual matches, all up to the results entry and calculation of ranking order per discipline as well as overall results.




IGRIS is an online application, with responsive design, that provides insight into the whole course of events at any time and on any device. It also gives the possibility of numerous online information display as well as printouts needed by organizers, team captains, referees... and at the same time competitors and participants can independently and smoothly monitor the results of favourite team matches. Also available are intermediate overall results. Participants no longer have to wait for overall results, as they can be announced as soon as the last match ends.


Benefits you cannot miss

Competition at your own discretion can be easily set up through the wizard. Those settings will be considered when displaying and managing your competition.

You can start managing your competition immediately, without any need of installation on your PC. Only a short online registration is required to start managing your competition.

A responsive design allows IGRIS to be used on all devices. This is very convenient for dynamic competitions carried out on multiple locations, where results can be entered directly in the system via laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Insights regarding your sport competition can be set as public where information about the schedules and the results of the competition is visible to all on given competition url. Another possibility is to set the competition as private where the contents are accessible only to application users.

All information on sport event is available to the public for 24/7. All data is stored in cloud on secure servers.




The application is designed for:

  • companies that organize major sport events and team building for employees
  • trade unions, associations and other stakeholders who prepare sports games and want to strengthen ties between members through sports, socializing and entertainment
  • sport and other associations that are organizing sporting events
  • smaller organizers of leagues, tournaments, competitions
  • everyone else who wants support in organizing and running their own competition or sporting event




Registration of competitors and participants

The management of the entire process of registration of teams, team members and other participants in the competition, including related costs and accommodation, is supported. Registration of all participants can no longer only be a task of the organizer; the entry can be done directly by the leaders of individual teams.

A simple overview for managing the competition

All relevant information related to the competition is combined in a single overview on your own competition’s dashboard. User-friendly and modern design ensures excellent data transparency. Numerous shortcuts between content allow a quick response to the requirements for different views and wanted type of information.

Defining the competition disciplines and its settings

A wide pallet of competitive disciplines is covered. Disciplines are set up in advance so that the users can simply add discipline to the games. But it is also possible to change and place the discipline completely according to individual wishes.


Drawing is simplified to the extent that the competition pairs can simply be constructed with drag and drop functionality or assigned automatically via random algorithm.


Competitions can be run at one or more locations at the same or different time. Any changes are made quickly in one place and are immediately visible at all publishing sites.

Upload results

Huge time savings can be expected when entering, updating and publishing result data. There are no more rewriting and input errors because the results measured by referees or recorded by timekeepers can be imported from Excel files into the application.

Competition results in real-time

Results are calculated immediately after the ending of the last match, whereby intermediate results and overall group results are automatically calculated.

Unlimited access and paperless administration

Paperwork becomes redundant, since all data is recorded electronically and is accessible in the desired format anywhere and at any time.