jOmega at Gartner Scale of Core Banking Solutions

The world's leading information technology research company Gartner published a new report for "Core Banking Solutions for Central & Eastern Europe"  on February 2016 and it also included Gora's product jOmega: »Gora is a Slovenian vendor that has focused on CBS since its inception, selling to Slovenian and Croatian banks, with which it has a high degree of intimacy and long-standing relationships. Today, the company is able to deliver in neighboring countries. Just recently it has re-written its CBS product (jOMEGA), which now runs on Oracle and DB2 databases, in Java.«

Among the strong competition that prevails in this area, it is estimated that jOmega with its concept successfully provide modern banking. In combination with Oracle BI analytics it follows the trends by supporting complex reporting and diagnosis of the banking business.

With its design and modularity allows business users to create solution tailored to their needs.

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