The Skrinja platform also includes awarded public tenders in the Republic of Slovenia

Common platform development project aimed to develop a data warehouse and a business intelligence system for the state administration called Skrinja 2.0. (chest) is part of EU – Slovenian operation on Connectivity, Openness and Quality of state administration. It aims to improve the governance and transparency of public administration by introducing new tools, new methods and connectable solutions.

To date, the following data sources have already been connected to the Skrinja:

1. Public sector wages - in use since August 2020,

2. Data source code lists: Common dimensions intended for use by several sectoral data warehouses - in use from August 2020,

3. Public procurement tenders awarded in the Republic of Slovenia - in use since April 2021.

The connection of the fourth data source, which is the Central Personnel Register of the State Administration (CKEDU), is in progress as well.

Skrinja is developed project partners including Gora and and is managed by a team of the Ministry of Public Administration.

We are also pleased that the interest in using the business intelligence system in the state administration and thus the Skrinja is growing and that the team of the Ministry of Public Administration is already agreeing on additional data sources that will also significantly contribute to obtaining key information running the country.